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Michelle’s Wedding Gift

Since June is the month for weddings, I thought that this would be a good time to share some of the wedding gifts that Mom painted for friends and family over the years… 

This delicate still life was a wedding gift to Michelle, daughter of Kay Walton, fellow artist and one of Mom’s closest friends.  The date of this painting is unknown.

— Bonnie Sudderth


Red Roses

What can I say about this one?

The colors, the light, the reflections… Sublime. 

Mom’s friend and fellow artist Kay Walton sent this photo to me – the original painting hangs in her home in Abilene.

— Bonnie Sudderth

Fancy Tea Party

Mom loved to paint children at play.  This whimsical piece hangs in the home of artist Kay Walton of Abilene, Texas.

— Bonnie Sudderth

Strawberry Blonde

I love this mop-top of tossled hair! I don’t know who the model was in this one, but Mom really brought this beautiful woman to life on the canvas.  This portrait is displayed in the home of Mom’s good friend and fellow artist, Kay Walton, of Abilene.

— Bonnie Sudderth

Forever Favorites

Mom called this one “Forever Favorites,” and the name certainly fit.  Most of the items depicted in this still life adorned a table in her dining room for as long as I can remember.  In 1999, this oil painting won the Dorothy Mayes Still Life Award at the Breckenridge Fine Arts Center Juried Art Competition.

It now hangs in the home of her friend and fellow artist, Kay Walton, of Abilene, Texas. 

— Bonnie Sudderth

Southwestern Chili Pot

Feel the heat from this batch of chili – and the ingredients haven’t even been added to the chili pot yet.  

This vivid painting is displayed in the home of Abilene artist Kay Walton, Mom’s former art student and dearest friend. 

(Kay is a fabulous artist as well, specializing in hill country landscapes.)  Thanks, Kay, for sharing her artwork with us.

— Bonnie Sudderth

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